A few nights ago was Halloween. When I went to school on Halloween I first asked my friends if we're going trick or treating. Close to the end of the day at school we played games and ate treats. I got home and took my dog for a walk until my friend called me and said that I need to go to his house before 6:00. I walked my dog back home and told my parents I was going to go trick or treating. So I asked my mom if she could drop me off at my friends house. So I went to my friends house dressed up as Flava Flav and my friend was an angry bird that wasn't angry. We had to wait for our other friend because he was coming with us. My friend that we had to wait for was supposed to be slender man but he couldn't find the rest of his costume so instead he was just someone in a suit. By the time we finished we had a good time and lots of candy.

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