When the season of Fall arrives, I think of how it was and what I did the year before.  Many memories flood my mind, reminding me of why I love this season.

I remember last fall going to the mall with my parents to eye for a jacket that would look cool but would still keep me warm.  I wanted to find a winter jacket that was warm enough for when it snowed or for when we would go to Whistler.  

Another memory of fall is when my family and I would go for a car ride.  Sometimes I would be shivering in the back of the car because I couldn’t feel the warm air from where I was sitting. I remember sitting in traffic and counting all the leafs on the cars.  The leafs were fall colors brown, yellow, orange and red scattered on the cars and on the streets.  Sometimes on a gusty day the leafs would be blowing in the wind or falling from the trees creating big piles on the ground.   

I also remember going to the pumpkin patch in search of the best pumpkin.  There was an explosion of pumpkins everywhere.  We would go on the tractor  to the pumpkin patch and it felt like a long ride especially when it was cold outside.  When it rained, I remember how dirty my shoes would get or how wet my clothes were.   

I know its fall when I walk outside and I breathe in the cold dense autumn air.  It feels sharp going in my lungs.  When I breathe out it’s like a cloud of smoke.  I like watching the leaves falling from the trees and kicking the piles of leaves on the ground. My family and I  would walk to Tim Hortons to buy hot chocolate and a box of Timbits.  I could never finish a whole donut after drinking the hot chocolate.  I remember the feeling of the steaming hot choco in my throat as it warmed my insides.

When I think of fall I think of waking up in the morning and dashing down the stairs to the living room to play video games wrapped in a blanket like bubble wrap on a newly shipped item.  The fireplace would be on making the living room nice and warm and toasty.  When I look outside my window  I would watch the leaves fall from the trees like snowflakes falling from the sky and listening  to the rain and wind brush through the trees.  

I know its Fall when the days start getting shorter and colder.  I think of  the fall seasons that have passed and look forward to doing the same things all over again.  Its that time again when I ask my mom to make cookies for my hot chocolate.  That’s how I know it is fall.

Learning intention: I can create a personal piece of writing that uses descriptive language to paint a portrait, starts with a strong leads and focuses on one main idea.

What I learned: I learned that when writing a piece always go through editing and ask for feedback that can always help.

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