To This Day

“To this day kids are still being called names”.
After watching the video called “To This Day” made by Shane Koyzcan I feel the
message that stands out the most is to believe in yourself. The message of bullying
will stay with me forever, to know that to this day kids are being bullied.

Being bullied is hard. It’s like a pool that you can’t swim out of. I’ve been bullied.
It’s especially hard being the new kid because you have no one to back you up or
help you. In the second grade the older kids bullied me because I wore glasses. I
knew that I had to believe in myself or I’d be bullied for the rest of my life. I took a
stand and they stopped.

I also have bullied. In the beginning of this year I made some wrong choices. I
stepped up because I knew it was wrong. If you are a bully then look into the mirror
and ask yourself, “is this really who I am?” Think about when you graduate, do you
really want to be remembered as a mean bully?

You also need to believe in yourself. As Shane said, “We are the graduating class of
we made it”. This video doesn’t want you to feel worse than you already are. I think
this video is also about healing and believing in yourself.

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