On Saturday me and my family went to the Burnaby Village museum. Everything there was like what it was in the 1920's. It was cool how they got things done back then. The thing that surprised me the most was when I was at the Auto Mobile supplies and there was an old Shell Gasoline pump. There was an old General store and I got to see the old razors used to shave and its hard to believe that someone would put that so close to their face, it looked like a knife. There was an old stove powered by wood and it would heat the entire house. I got to see a small Print shop and what they did to make News papers. I got to see a silent film at the old movie theatre. It wasn't even the size of 1 today. I was surprised when I saw how small the church was. When I visited the bank there was a BIG cage. The person said that people would deposit their money there. I think it's cool how they lived back in the day.

Mrs. Middleton
12/13/2012 01:27:20

Another great weekend experience for you. I have never been to the Burnaby Museum - I think I need to put it on my list of things to do. Trying to imaging how people once lived is always fun but also baffling to think that they lived without the modern conveniences we take for granted. I wonder what it would be like to go back in time?


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