On Thursday when I got home early from school my parents surprised me when I saw our luggages in the hallway down stairs. First my mom and me went to the Flight Centre to get my grandfather plane tickets to Winnipeg. We managed to get home before my dad so I could pack all my extra stuff like IPhone charger, laptop and my inhaler. We left for Whistler about 4:00 o clock. We stayed at the Pinnacle Hotel some where by the Whistler village. We walked around until we got hungry. We brought our dog so we had to eat outside. We ate pizza and brought back to the hotel some KFC. We left whistler around 10 because my mom had to pick up my cousins. It was nice to see snow because in Surrey there's none yet.

Mrs. Kirr
12/17/2012 23:19:27

What great fun!
Help this girl from Illinois... What and where is Whistler? Do you ski there? Is it far from Surrey? What did you do when you were there?


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