Fall,the season of changing colors. Up until now fall is a big thing in my family. I remember going to Sears looking for a jacket that looks cool but still keeps me warm. At night my family an I would go to Tim Hortons for hot chocolate. When I look out side the window in my room I could see the leaves on the tree changed colors. Backing out of the drive way you could already see the Halloween decorations on peoples houses when it was just a couple weeks after thanksgiving. My favorite was going to the pumpkin patch,looking for the perfect pumpkin for this year. Those are the reasons why fall is a big thing for me and my family.

If I could change what time period I live in the late 80's or 90's. The music it self back then was better than now in my opinion. Plus DJing back then was new, now every thing about DJing has already been done before. My favorite sport basketball back then was great because Michael jordon used to play plus Kareem abdul jabbar played for the lakers. Although I like living in the 21'st century because I can play video games, talk to my friends through the internet. So in the end I don't know what I would chose.
My Christmas

           My favorite holiday has to be Christmas. Halloween is coming soon but I still like Christmas better. Not because of the presents people give you but I like spending time with my family. My parents are mostly working so I like having them around on Christmas holiday. On Christmas all my favorite movies for that season are aired on TV like A Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty The Snowman and The Grinch. The music for Christmas is so calming and relaxing. My favorite Christmas song has to be Christmas in Hollis by RUN DMC. During Christmas I normally help my dad put up the Christmas lights on the house. I shoveled snow with my friend at the house because I live in a town house and we have sort of a small drive way. Christmas in BC nice when it snows, but after it snows a lot it starts to rain even more. I like going to Whistler for Christmas because of what you can do there. So even though Halloween has almost arrived I still like Christmas better.


        On Thursday morning I woke up and was excited because I was going to make a kite. I walked into class and saw the board at the front and it said assembly but the kite workshop was at the end of the day. The assembly was cool because they had all different type of kites. Near the end of the assembly they held up a huge kite of a whale I wondered how long it took them to make it. We  walked in to the gym and saw the items used to make the kite on the gym floor. After listening to the instructions we finally got to make the kites. Making the kites were not too complicated, I ran outside with my friends and launched my kite in the air. When I went to the end of the big field I unraveled the kites rope until it was just the handle. The day was nice and sunny but windy enough for the kite to fly without me having to run. At the end of the day it was cool to see all these colorful kites in the air.