Learning Intention: I can demonstrate my understanding of a variety of poetic devices.

What I learned: From when this poetry unit started to now I can make poems without as much struggle as when I first started. After doing this unit I can express my self on paper easier than when I started. I also found out that there’s more to poetry than just rhyming. I learned about poetic devices and how many there are. Rhyme out of all of the poetic devices is my first choice. The character is my favorite type of poem because of the humor you can use and how the perspective the object is feeling.

Cookie Monster

I really enjoyed reading your poetry. My favourite poem of yours was the Free Verse. I think you were the only one that wrote a free verse and it was really good. I also really liked your character poem. I think everyone found their inner poet and I can tell you definitely did!


i like how you did you front cover and your poem about mac and cheese.


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