Dear Grade 6’s, if you’re gonna be a grade 7 you have to be a good role model. If the teachers out of the class and you start goofing off sure you’ll have fun but what are you teaching the grade 6’s of your time? They’re just gonna do the same thing. So behave or at least try to. You’re the leaders of this school and how would it look if the leaders were acting like goofballs? Also don’t be rude to you’re classmates or your teacher. Don’t talk when the teachers talking, don’t call out and definitely do not misuse the technology ever. Don’t be shy to put your hand up and participate. I didn’t in my grade 6 year and I payed for that in the long run.
This is my family tree. Making Prezi’s a fun way to showcase learning.

Learning Intention: I can create a meaningful visual representation that communicates information featuring expressive and individualistic voice.

What I learned: I learned how to use prezi these last few weeks. It is very fun to explore the many ways to showcase learning. I like using prezi instead of google documents ore powerpoint.

Learning Intention: I can demonstrate my understanding of a variety of poetic devices.

What I learned: From when this poetry unit started to now I can make poems without as much struggle as when I first started. After doing this unit I can express my self on paper easier than when I started. I also found out that there’s more to poetry than just rhyming. I learned about poetic devices and how many there are. Rhyme out of all of the poetic devices is my first choice. The character is my favorite type of poem because of the humor you can use and how the perspective the object is feeling.

Reflection of Learning Poetry Unit

Over the past six weeks Division 1 has learned about poetic devices and was introduced to a variety of poetry forms. Please reflect on the last six weeks when you answer the following questions.

1)   What did you learn over the past 6 weeks about writing poetry?

       I learned about poetic devices and different types of poems.

2)   2) What did you learn about yourself and your abilities as a poet? (Did you discover that you had a natural gift at writing, or that you connected easily to the learning? Was writing good poetry more difficult than you expected?)

The poetry was as I suspected I knew it was going to be a little bit difficult because I would have to dig deep down to find that poet in me.

3)   Where did you grow the most as a learner?

I think I grew more fluent in my writing and my way to express my self as a writer. Writing paragraphs was harder before the poetry started.

4)   What are you most proud of with regards to this unit? Explain why.

I’m proud of my self as a poet. Before this subject started I didn’t think I could do it. After the final project I can look back at my learning from when I made my first poem to my final project.

5)   Where do you feel that you still need to grow? Explain.

I think I need to make more imagery in my poems. My free verse was more like a paragraph instead of a poem. Finding poetic devices in it should have been easier but I maybe got 1 in the entire poem.

In class we've made many poems from haiku's to soon to be free-verse poems. 

What I learned: I learned that it's better not to say what the poem is based on. I think it's better when the reader has to guess what it's about.

This is my found poem. We are working on making poems of different types in class

L.I.:I can demonstrate my understanding of a variety of poetic devices.

What I learned: I learned that you can find a poetic device anywhere

In class we were learning about poetry. One of our projects was to make sensory poem about our favorite meal. My favorite meal is Mac N Cheese so that's what I made my project on. Making this project was really fun because you get to use descriptive language.

Learning Intention: I can create a poem using a specific form and variety of strategies.

What I learned: I learned that finding a poetic device can be hard at times but you can already have one you just never knew about it like in my rough draft I had a simile and a didn't even know.
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Poetic Devices


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Learning IntentionI can demonstrate my understanding of a variety of poetic devices.

What I learned: I learned that even though a device may not seem like one it still can be.
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learning intention: I can use the poetic device of alliteration to make meaning in my writing.

What I learned: I learned that using alliteration is hard yet fun. A few of them didn't even make sense but it was fun making it.

When the season of Fall arrives, I think of how it was and what I did the year before.  Many memories flood my mind, reminding me of why I love this season.

I remember last fall going to the mall with my parents to eye for a jacket that would look cool but would still keep me warm.  I wanted to find a winter jacket that was warm enough for when it snowed or for when we would go to Whistler.  

Another memory of fall is when my family and I would go for a car ride.  Sometimes I would be shivering in the back of the car because I couldn’t feel the warm air from where I was sitting. I remember sitting in traffic and counting all the leafs on the cars.  The leafs were fall colors brown, yellow, orange and red scattered on the cars and on the streets.  Sometimes on a gusty day the leafs would be blowing in the wind or falling from the trees creating big piles on the ground.   

I also remember going to the pumpkin patch in search of the best pumpkin.  There was an explosion of pumpkins everywhere.  We would go on the tractor  to the pumpkin patch and it felt like a long ride especially when it was cold outside.  When it rained, I remember how dirty my shoes would get or how wet my clothes were.   

I know its fall when I walk outside and I breathe in the cold dense autumn air.  It feels sharp going in my lungs.  When I breathe out it’s like a cloud of smoke.  I like watching the leaves falling from the trees and kicking the piles of leaves on the ground. My family and I  would walk to Tim Hortons to buy hot chocolate and a box of Timbits.  I could never finish a whole donut after drinking the hot chocolate.  I remember the feeling of the steaming hot choco in my throat as it warmed my insides.

When I think of fall I think of waking up in the morning and dashing down the stairs to the living room to play video games wrapped in a blanket like bubble wrap on a newly shipped item.  The fireplace would be on making the living room nice and warm and toasty.  When I look outside my window  I would watch the leaves fall from the trees like snowflakes falling from the sky and listening  to the rain and wind brush through the trees.  

I know its Fall when the days start getting shorter and colder.  I think of  the fall seasons that have passed and look forward to doing the same things all over again.  Its that time again when I ask my mom to make cookies for my hot chocolate.  That’s how I know it is fall.

Learning intention: I can create a personal piece of writing that uses descriptive language to paint a portrait, starts with a strong leads and focuses on one main idea.

What I learned: I learned that when writing a piece always go through editing and ask for feedback that can always help.